Every Man Shares in Evangelism Mission and Spiritual Life was introduced at the 1981 National Congress of UM Men at Purdue University. Every UM man is encouraged to annually enroll as an EMS member.

What does EMS support?

  • Resources that help grow men spiritually
  • Ministries that help men be better fathers and husbands
  • Leader recruitment and training
  • Communications with men, pastors, and leaders
  • Mentoring and youth programs
  • Hunger relief
  • Prayer ministries
  • Support of UM leaders
  • Web-based communications
  • International men’s ministries

What does EMS cost?


If you’d like to make a payment to EMS by the month and want to do it by automatic withdrawal from a checking account, savings account or credit card, you can donate online now or you can download this form and mail it to:

PO Box 440515
Nashville, TN 37244-0515
Email: gcumm@gcumm.org